Hello!  안녕하세요!  Bonjour!  

I’m Brianna.

Nice to e-meet you! 만나서 반갑습니다! I’m an American designer who loves creating beautiful experiences for people from all backgrounds. My work includes brand identity, user experience, infographics, presentations, and print for clients at the local and global scale. 

My experience living and teaching in South Korea has informed my bold and engaging design style, which aims to speak to clients’ audiences across different cultures and languages. I believe in design as a tool to communicate a brand’s values and narrative beyond written langauge.

I’m a teacher at heart, which means I love to make experiences that people understand and find helpful. But when appropriate, I like to challenge them a little too. ︎

My goal is to experience as much of this life as possible, so I’m always finding new hobbies! Some of my favorites are cycling ︎,  live jazz ︎, exploring new places︎, and experimenting with new recipes︎.