Color Studies ︎︎︎


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These color studies collages explore how the hue, value, and saturation of colors can be manipulated when certain colors are placed side-by-side.
Cut-and-pasted Color Aid paper

Hue, Value, Saturation
These compositions explore a wide variety of hues and how they interact when grouped by saturation, and then grouped again by high-contrast values and low-contrast values.

High Saturation
Low Saturation

Medium Saturation
Mixed Saturation

I created the following compositions by investigating how our perception of a color is impacted by the colors that surround it. I then explored how this concept can be used to manipulate colors to appear different in hue, value, and saturation.

Notice how when a partition is placed down the middle of the composition, each line appears to change in hue, value, or saturation. However, when the partition is removed, it becomes clear that the line is one single color. 


Hue + Value + Saturation

In the following composition, three different hues are manipulated to look as similar as possible, and then as different as possible. In the top row, each red is placed on top of another hue that matches its undertones in order to neutralize that undertone. When placed side-by-side, the three reds appear almost identical at a glance. In the bottom row, the same three reds are placed on top of three different hues in order to emphasize their differences.