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Periscope is a publication which showcases a selection of student-made designs from the University of Arkansas Graphic Design program. This zine allows you to peer into the otherwise often unseen creative and collaborative work of student designers. The first issue itself was conceptualized, curated, designed, and produced by Alyssa Frazier, Bret Watson, and myself with the support of UofA design faculty and AIGA Northwest Arkansas.

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︎︎︎ Alyssa Frazier
︎︎︎ Bret Watson

Looking through the Periscope
A periscope is an optical instrument that uses mirrored surfaces to reflect an image that is otherwised out of sight or blocked by an obstacle. We chose the periscope to drive the visual language of the zine because it aligns with our mission to showcase the effort and passion behind student design work that is often unseen. Periscope is a periscope in itself that allows viewers to peer into the fantastic work and experiences of students in the University of Arkansas’ design program.

Peering into the Layout
The concept of a periscope providing views into unseen work and process was carried over into the layout design as well. We established a grid using the width of the Periscope logo’s “lens”, as well as the logo pattern from the cover which was superimposed with the underlying grid throughout the spreads. The grid and pattern were used as a framework for aligning content consistently throughout the zine. The pattern allows content to break the grid with small lenses that act as viewfinders for small details and focal points in the respective projects. Visual elements from the Periscope mark such as the circle and diagonal angle further define a system for typographic treatment.