The Hot Dog Connoisseur, the Allergic Wonder, and Everything in Between
November 20, 2019

REFLECTING ON:  a proposed design solution to the challenge of helping college students make healthier food decisions. Read my other reflections from this research process to for more insight into what I’ve discovered about taking a human-centered research approach!

Throughout the course of this semester, I have worked alongside three of my peers—Sherill, William, and Nicole—to investigate the influences, attitudes, resources and decisions which define a person’s eating habits. Our research led us ask ourselves a question: How might we educate and empower college students living off-campus to incorporate healthier food choices into their diverse lifestyles? The culmination of this project was a proposal for a design strategy which intervenes in our users’ journey to making healthier decisions. Allow my research group and I to guide you through our research process and design solution in the video below!

This post exists within a series of reflections on topics and coursework from my Human-Centered Design class, taught by Marty Maxwell Lane at the University of Arkansas.